Steve has purchased shares of Microsoft and he takes pride in the company’s statements about the future and the returns he is getting.

The investors of mitticool take a lot of pride in how they are shaping the world with preserving nature. They share pride in their investments.

Sounds interesting? Isn’t it. All of these are examples of brand communication. Brand communication with an emotional appeal and storytelling can create wonders for any organization. When you are working with a company and you know about the company’s future plans changing the lives of millions of people, you take a lot of pride in it. All this happens when a company shares its plans with the employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Brand communication: -

It is made up of two words “Brand+communication”. In laymen’s terms, it may be defined as any communication regarding a brand to its stakeholders is Brand communication. The communication can be through digital media, print media or a combination of multiple media. We will cover more onto this later in this article. Stakeholders consist of its employees, customers, investors, and people associated with the brand.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Brand communication is an important tool by which companies inform, persuade, convince, teach as well as remind about the brand to their customers. It is also important to tell about the brand’s strength, mission, vision, values, and fundamentals. In this digital era, brand communication is very important. It’s a means by which corporate can stay connected with their customers and stakeholders. As per the Cambridge dictionary “brand communication is the combination of activities that influence customers’ opinions of a company and its products”.

Importance of Brand communication: -

In this digital era, brand communication is very important as it helps in leveraging the marketing activity by connecting with the customers directly and telling the brand’s story. With the help of Brand communication, we can connect with the audience, make discussion forums, tell about the future plans, and seek advice and telling them how a brand is different than their competitors.

“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way”

In order to understand the importance of brand communication, consider these stats as given below: –

As per Forbes, Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23 percent. Also as per the same article, 64% of consumers make a purchase after viewing a branded social video.

Brand communication model: -

In order to understand Brand communication, it is important to understand the two communication models it is based on. There are two approaches to do effective Brand communication. The first one is NICE model and the second model is PESO.

NICE Model:

This model helps in making tailor-made media to interact with the audience. It consists of understanding your audience, what they like and perceive and then creating content based on that. The best part of NICE model is to continue creating a funnel from acquiring a new audience to converting them to sales and hence generates value and results along the way. The steps involved in this type of model are given below:

New – The very first step in this kind of model is acquiring a new audience. It is done by creating media to attract their attention and to tell them about the brand. This is the first interaction point so it is very important to make it meaningful and interesting. This will help in creating awareness regarding brand also.

Interest – This is the second point. When we have got the audience’s attraction, we will generate interest among them regarding the product or services the organization offers. This can be done by making tailor-made solutions to their problems and to help them with the product or services. Communication at this point is very crucial and needs to talk about solving a problem.

Convert – The third step is to convert the funnel. The Interest we generated in the second step helps in the audience buying your product or services. This helps in converting the audience and making them your customers.

Engage – Once you sold your product, it’s over? No. The last part is to engage your audience. Here, we talk about engaging with them at different levels in order to ensure the proper delivery along with making them your fans. This step also helps in buying again or cross buying of your product/services.

PESO Model:

The PESO model was pioneered by public relations expert Gini Dietrich as a call to action for the PR people. It divides the model into 4 different buckets and suggests that these 4 buckets will lead a better result when they work in synergy than when they work independently with each other. These 4 buckets are as follows: –

Paid Media – It consists of basically all the social media paid ads such as PPC and other sponsored content. The Organization basically pays for this kind of media.

Earned Media – These are the services or media for which you didn’t pay for. The organization has earned the media. An example is press coverage or the audience who loved your product writes about it on social platforms.

Shared Media – All the media that has been shared by others comes under shared media. For example, anyone retweet about your product or services come under Shared media. Again you have not paid for this kind of media.

Owned Media – All the forms of media that are owned by the organization comes under the Owned media. The examples are websites, blogs which are written by the company, online videos, Presentations, etc come under this type of Media.

Brand Communication Strategy - How to do effective brand communication: -

Brand Communication is such an activity that if it is not done in an effective way, it can do more harm than the benefits. We have seen numerous examples where because of poor brand communication, companies have experienced a big blow. So in this digital era, where consumers are smarter and digitally active than ever, it became more important to do effective brand communication. These are the steps involved to achieve that – 

  1. Be yourself: The very first rule is to be yourself and be transparent. The best way is to never cheat your audience. Negative brand communication is the last thing an organization wants. And Honesty always pays off well. So, always be yourself.
  2. Integrated marketing communication: It is important to take leverage out of all the communication channels simultaneously. So, it became imperative to use all media combined and taking the benefit of synergy.
  3. The content message that needs to be conveyed constantly: A constant message is always required to deliver to the audience in order to set it in their subconscious mind. This will help in brand recall easily and every time. Also, a tag line helps in winning the audience and conveying the constant message simultaneously.
  4. Seize interest in few seconds: It is very important to seize the interest in the first few seconds. Else, the audience will shift to something else. It is important to do that by catchy media along with delivering the message through storytelling. Connecting with your audience at an emotional level surely helps.
  5. Interact with the audience: Interacting with the audience throughout is the key to success. This step never ends with converting the audience into clients. Interaction plays a key role even after the sale process takes place.

Advantages of Good Brand Communication: -

Brand communication is a slow process but it always pays in the long run to create a good brand communication.  A good brand communication always helps in creating a niche for the organization and making a standard in the market. With the help of great brand communication, we can always raise the competition bar high and leverage the whole opportunity. The major advantages are as under:

  • Create a meaningful impact and niche: One of the biggest advantages of brand communication is to create a meaningful impact along with creating a niche for you. It helps in becoming the market expert in that niche. Being a market leader pays really well in terms of brand strength and generating business.


  • Build authority and trust: Another advantage is to build authority and trust in the minds of the audience. This helps in emotional connection with the brand and the brand recall strength goes high. When your audience starts to trust you then that means the brand has built an authority.
  • Higher Sales than ever: As your brand communication helps to bridge the gap between you and your audiences, this result in your audience’s connection and trust in you moves up. This, in turn, helps you in generating more business and eventually touching more lives.
  • Develops the market: Great brand communication leads to developing new markets and reaching out to new potential customers. Brand communication can help you to reach to the corners of the farthest areas.
  • Differentiate from the competition: A great brand communication helps in great brand recall. This is the point where your brand start segregates itself from the competition.

So, in nutshell, brand communication is one of the great ways to enhance your brand image, its visibility along with generating more business while creating a niche for you. If done in a proper way, brand communication can take any organization to the next level altogether. In the long run, investing in brand communication will return the best ROI.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz